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24 Note Midi Bass Pedals

original price $550  

SALE price $499


size:  35in x 21 in x 6in

weight:  22lbs

This model has 24 spring actuated notes that hinge from the rear of the pedal as in normal classic organ pedalboards.  The radial curve of the pedalboard also provides a realistic replica of classic bass pedals.  The lcd menu allows for bass channel selection (1 - 16), volume pedal on/off, volume pedal CC value (1 - 127), and note transpose.  These pedals are completely compatible with all brands of keyboards, sound modules, and laptops (Hammond, Nord, Korg, Yamaha, Mac, Pc, etc.)  They are constructed of solid oak wood which provide supreme durability. 9v power adapter is included. (standard midi cable sold seperately)  Shipping invoiced seperately


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