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    The JG3 line of midi pedalboards provides the ultimate 

answer to those musicians searching for the classic look 

and feel of an organ pedalboard with a size and weight that

gives the utmost portability.


   Created by jazz organist Jared Gold, these pedalboards

were crafted from a need for a midi pedalboard that had the

exact feel of classic organ pedalboards while being ultra-lightweight and portable for transportation to gigs. Measuring in at only 21 inches in length, and weighing as little as 15 pounds jg3 tech has provided musicians with a must-have addition to their organ or keyboard setup.  


   Whether you are a gigging musician, a church musician, a studio owner looking for a space saving, high quality equipment solution, or simply an organ lover who is searching for midi bass pedals to compliment your home setup, this product line of bass pedals from JG3 tech will be the perfect answer. 




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